Beha iJaz Radio Plug RP200 Controller

Wireless radio plug-in unit for installation on the beha panel heaters.


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Savings plug to be fitted on BEHA panel heaters. The functions are: Normal room temperature, lower 5ºC, frost control (minimum 5ºC room temperature) and heater switched OFF are available functions by the iJaz system. The plug also has a built in “cold draft” function, making the heater switch automatically from set room temperature to frost safeguard. The function reduces consumption of electricity when the windows are opened for ventilation.



  • Radio plug for BEHA iJaz system
  • To be fitted on BEHA panel heaters type P and L post 2005 models
  • Pause button for automatic cancelling of programme
  • Functions indicated by light diodes
  • 4 functions; normal, lower by 5ºC, frost safeguard and OFF
  • Automatic “cold draft” function when opening windows
  • Colours: White or Black

Simple mounting
Radio plug RP 200 can easily be mounted on a P or L heater. To be fitted on BEHA panel heaters type P and L post 2005 models

Wireless communication with iJaz
iJaz has a maximum range of 300 metres free sight which should be suffi cient for most houses/buildings/fl ats or properties.

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